Mobile Camping Safari experience

Despite the changing ideals of the African safari it is still possible to experience a wild, proper, back-to-earth safari in Botswana, where camping under the stars takes on added significance in the seclusion of a private camp site.

Back to the Wilds

The African safari has undergone great changes in the past years with the ideal geared towards luxury rooms and hotel-type service and when the word safari is used today the minds of most immediately think of air-conditioned rooms and expensive linen. Very few people actually think of the wilderness and the open sky.

Thankfully though there are people in the industry that have persevered, often against the odds, to preserve some of the soul of the wilderness in their safaris, and none more so than the mobile safari operators of Botswana.

What is a Mobile Safari?

A mobile safari is a tented safari camping safari that transfers guests in four wheel drive vehicles from camp to camp. Not to be confused with an overland tour, a mobile safari is usually a small group and a guide travelling in the wilderness areas of a particular country.

The camps are pre-erected and, unless otherwise specified, are also serviced by a compliment of camp staff. Camp staff often includes a cook, cleaner and general handy man aside from the guide. The ablutions vary from ensuite flush toilets and bucket showers to shared facilities.

Mobile safaris in Botswana

One of the main attractions of mobile safaris in Botswana, besides the feeling of been in the wilderness, is that the mobile safari operators have access to private campsites in some of the prime areas. This means that there will only be one group in the campsite as opposed to the public campsites where there are a number of designated sites.

Because of the remoteness of the northern wilderness of Botswana there is the genuine feeling of been in Africa as it was 100 years ago. No other sounds but the wilderness will be heard from the camp as the private campsites are situated far apart from each other. This is one of the prime attractions of a Botswana mobile safari.

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Experienced Guides

Mobile safari operators in Botswana pride themselves on the quality of the guides, which further enhances the mobile safari wilderness experience. Knowledgeable and passionate the guides on mobile safaris are there because they enjoy what they do and do not see it merely as a job.

Under African Skies

Luxury lodges may punt their wilderness experience but there is no better way of been part of it all than around a camp fire under the stars of Africa, and listening to the sounds of the wild. A mobile safari may not have the luxury but it certainly provides an authentic old style African safari.