The scene in front of us is timeless. The first rays of the sun are caressing the dew drops on the grass and birds are flying in to begin a day of feeding in the drying lagoon. The lion turns to face us, freezes for a moment in the morning sun, and then roars…Xakanaxa (n) pronounced “cha – KA – na- cha”

Highlights of Game Drive in Xakanaxa

  • The place where the sands of the Kalahari meet the waters of the Okavango
  • Diversity of ecosystems from woodland and floodplain to islands and lagoons
  • Wildlife is plentiful and viewing is exceptional
  • One of the most representative areas of the whole delta

A short while later one female returned and called down the hole, and suddenly the pups started appearing, 12 in all. We watched them playing with the adult until she lay down close by, after which they played amongst themselves.

Sometime before sunset the pups went into a frenzy of squeals and other strange sounds until the adults began to appear. There was much greeting and sniffing and more squealing, which reached a crescendo when meat from the kill was regurgitated for them.

Wild dogs of Xakanaxa

We found the wild dogs’ den was on the side of the road in a termite mound. The adults were lying off in the bush but there was no sign of the pups so I decided to wait. After a long while the adults suddenly appeared at the den whining excitedly. After some interplay they headed down the road. Suddenly they returned and performed around the den before heading down the road again. There was still no sign of the pups.

Lion, Leopard and Cheetah

The lion kill was close to the road and the pride of ten was feeding on the buffalo. We watched and listened to them feeding for a while before circling the island and crossing the bridge where a flicker of movement caught my eye …. it was a leopard that had jumped out a sausage tree and was now standing about 30 meters from the car. He looked at us for what seemed like an eternity before heading into the bush.

We had not gone more than 100 meters down the road when one of the guests shouted ‘there’s the leopard again’. As we got closer I saw that it was two cheetah lying up in the grass feeding on an impala ….’.

Where Desert Meets Delta

The Xakanaxa area of the Moremi Game Reserve is where the sands of the Kalahari meet the waters of the Okavango, forming a wildlife paradise of exceptional beauty and diversity. 

Xaxanaxa images

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