Savute in the Chobe National Park in Botswana is a place that has undergone great change over the past two years, from a semi arid wet season refuge to a dry season haven for wildlife.‘Lions were roaring at the dawn but sounded far away. After early coffee and tea we headed out towards Quarry Hill. On route I saw the tracks of a single lion in the road near the baobab. The track was heading down the road and eventually disappeared into the mopane’.

Highlights of Savute Game Drive

  • Fascinating history of the changing ecology of the area
  • Renowned predator interaction
  • Area undergoing dramatic change at present

Lions and Warthogs

‘There were three lionesses right next to road, one was limping badly on the back right leg. While watching them one suddenly pricked her ears, got up and stalked past the cars to some bushes. A family of warthogs was walking about 100m away. She showed interest until they sensed something amiss and moved off. It is amazing that the lions showed only mild interest in various impala walking past but on something like the warthog the one immediately got excited’.

Warthogs like Us

At warthog alley, found two male warthogs having a serious fight and both were bleeding badly. A short distance away a young male and a female were mating with four young piglets watching the mating intently. The fighting and mating continued for a while until one male gave way, with the other in hot pursuit.

The four piglets ran after the males and when the winner stopped they gathered around. When the male saw what was happening with the female he charged after the young male and chased him off. The family then gathered together and headed off into the bushes. The male did not show sexual interest in the female but he had chased off two other suitors. The incident made me think of ourselves and our way of life today.

Elephant and guineafowl for dinner

While we were cooking an elephant walked into camp and started pulling leaves off the apple-leaf trees a little way off. The guests were very excited watching it in the moonlight. While this was happening the guinea fowl started performing in the trees along the channel and then heard the death cries of one. Some of the others flew into surrounding trees and cackled well into the night. 

Images of Savute

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