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Botswana Self Drive

Botswana is the top African destination for an intimate and romantic safari, providing privacy amongst some of the most beautiful scenery on the continent, and with plenty of wildlife to boot.

The Legend and the Romance

It is often said that the African parks and game reserves do not provide an ideal romantic getaway because of the number of people on safari – but there places where seclusion is the main attraction, where private islands in some of most beautiful wilderness areas limit the numbers of guests, and yet still provide spectacular game viewing.

Such places can be found in Botswana, a country that is tailor-made for romance. But what is different about Botswana that makes it a perfect place for romance.Take some legendary African rivers and pour them into a hostile desert environment, add islands and beautiful forests and then sprinkle all this with bountiful wildlife and you have the perfect concoction for the ultimate romantic getaway. And this is what Botswana is about.

With intimacy being the ideal and service geared towards personal attention Botswana is the ultimate romantic African safari destination. Much of Botswana is private concession, allowing for complete privacy, and even in the public parks the lodges are limited in the number of beds they can provide.Another major attraction of Botswana as a romantic safari destination is the fact that in many places you can go out on game drives and not see another vehicle during the couple of hours you are out. Romantic bush picnics in carefully selected areas of seclusion can also be enjoyed without the chance of being disturbed.

Romantic Safari Lodge Escapes

The safari lodges and camps of Botswana have been expertly positioned to provide for the greatest enjoyment of the environment and minimal disturbance save for the wildlife that wanders past. The main areas and rooms of the lodges more often than not look out over spectacular views, adding to the romantic appeal.

There can be nothing more dramatic that the African sky at night and the lodges cater for guests to experience this phenomenon whilst enjoying private dinners on the balconies of their rooms.

The members of staff at the lodges in Botswana are trained to cater for every need and vibrant song will more often than not serenade romantics and lovers alike during their stay at the lodges.

Personalised, Exclusive, Romantic Getaways

Despite all this attention to detail when it comes to a romantic Botswana safari it is also possible to have a completely exclusive safari whilst in Botswana. Your own personal guide. Your own vehicle. Your own Boat. It may cost a bit extra, but who cares? This will ensure the ultimate safari: you set the program and the pace of your romantic bush getaway.

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