Botswana Walking Safari


There is something special about viewing animals on foot and in Botswana the varied walking safari experiences provide some of the best safari activities in Africa, from walks in big game areas to walks with Bushmen.

Botswana walking safaris on the Increase

Walking safaris in Africa provide for some of the most dramatic activities and sightings on any safaris, and there are a number of wilderness areas around Africa where walking is offered. Up until a few years ago Botswana was not on “the list” of popular walking safari destinations but in recent years more and more visitors to the country are choosing this activity.

Highlights of a Botswana Walking Safari

  • Walking in pristine wilderness areas
  • Experiencing unusual landscapes and wildlife
  • Range of walking experiences to choose from
  • Cultural interpretation walks with Bushmen

Walking safaris in Botswana take on a number of forms, ranging from a morning or afternoon activity to a full safari lasting a few days. All walks are accompanied by experienced professional guides who bring the wilderness alive and share their intimate knowledge of the areas they walk in.

Bush Walking Safari

Most lodges outside the national parks and reserves offer walking as an activity in the morning and afternoon where guests get the opportunity to see the things they would not see on a regular game drive. The chance of getting close to animals on foot is also a big attraction of these walking safaris.

Walking with the San

The San Bushmen peoples are the original inhabitants of the wilderness areas of Botswana and they share an almost spiritual relationship with the earth and one of the many attractions of a safari in Botswana is the opportunity to spend time on foot with these fascinating individuals.
The San share their intimate knowledge with guests, showing how to survive in the harsh environment of the Kalahari Desert by indicating which plants are safe to eat and which contain water. This walking safari is unique in Africa and many people travel to the Kalahari regions of Botswana just to participate in this experience.

Overnight Walking Trails

Aside from the walking activities offered at the lodges the traditional walking safaris over a couple of days are becoming very popular in Botswana, with a number of areas offering outings of three days or more. The Selinda region and the Okavango are the best options for walking safaris and the guides who lead the walks are some of the best in the business. 

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