Best Safari Destination

Best Safari Destination

There are as many reasons to travel to Botswana as there are reasons to travel on safari in Africa, such is the diversity of landscapes and wildlife in the country, and range of activities to appreciate the attractions.Although more than 80% of the land mass of Botswana lies in the Kalahari it is nevertheless a country of great diversity, with unique landscapes playing host to a wide variety of species. Within this great sand deposit are swamps and rivers, giving the great desert a unique appeal.

Diversity of Landscapes

Botswana does not have the clichéd post card picture landscapes of East Africa but what Botswana does have are unique and fascinating wilderness areas, each with their own soul and incredible attractions.


Botswana lies at the heart of the Kalahari Desert with most the country covered by desert sands but as the Kalahari is not a true desert the land is vegetated and is prime wildlife area. 


Within this great deposit of sand is the world’s most unique delta, the Okavango, a place of incredible beauty and diversity where the waters are swallowed by the Kalahari Sand after passing through the system.

Great rivers:

Another unusual aspect of Botswana is the presence of rivers that attract countless numbers of wildlife in what is predominantly a desert country. Some of these rivers meet other rivers whilst some simply sink away into the sands of the Kalahari Desert.

Salt pans:

Central Botswana was once part of a massive inland lake, the remnants of which are still visible in the many unique geological features such as the largest salt pans in the world, the Makgadikgadi, a place of fascinating wildlife and endless horizons.

Botswana’s Top Attractions

  • World’s largest inland delta, the Okavango, providing spectacular wildlife viewing
  • Africa’s greatest concentrations of Elephants in Chobe and Linyanti
  • World’s largest salt pans, Makgadikadi, providing a unique safari experience
  • Pristine wilderness areas
  • Desert adapted and water adapted wildlife
  • Private concessions in wildlife rich areas
  • Stable economy and safe country to travel to
  • Strong tourism service ethic

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