A Time of Rain

A Time of Rain

The African wilderness relies on seasonal life-giving rains to ensure the growth of vegetation and in turn the survival of the wildlife that inhabits the great wilderness areas, and Botswana is no different.

The rains may fall at any time

The rains may fall at any time of the day, but whatever time they come is special. The build up to the moment, the rain itself , and the time after the rains have a unique scent and feel in the air.

Morning Storm

The sun rises against a storm-fronted sky
lighting the foreground
vivid against the deep grey-blue
the air is silenced by a promise
an anticipation
a whisper of rain, barely a caress
scenting the air, permeating the senses
a sensual awakening to a new seasonFlashes, rumbles in the distance
carrying the scent, the expectation
the fury
passing over
roaring frustration
high anticipation of the new season
the wind carries the scent of the moment

The morning after

The morning of a night storm
and the sun rises
in a washed sky
And the moment is beautiful

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