Safari Places in Chobe


Chobe is located in the northern region of Botswana, and has the largest wildlife population in all of Africa. This Botswana safari tours destination is one of the first conservancies discovered in the country and is renowned for is large elephant concentration. Access to this wildlife sanctuary is made easy with road or air transfers. 

Chobe has 4 distinct ecosystems that act as spectacular wildlife viewing spots and comprises of the Chobe Riverfront, Savuti Marshlands, the Linyati Marshlands, and the dry Hinterland. Each ecosystem attracts and abundance of wildlife including lion, hyena, elephant, kudu, zebra, cheetah, elephant and many more. Chobe is home to over 450 species of birdlife that can be spotted throughout the rainy seasons.

Chobe accommodation is offered at luxury Botswana safari lodges with modern room amenities. Activities in Chobe includes game drives, river cruises, bushwalking safaris and cultural tours. See below for Chobe safari recommendations in Botswana.

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