Travel Guide to Savuti


Savute is neither a game reserve nor a national park. Rather it is a region of the Chobe National Park. The Savuti Game Reserve title was brought on by travel companies in a bid to gain a greater presence on the web or to make their lodge classification guides fit a profile.

Camping Safaris in Savute

There is a public campsite in the area – but due to Botswana’s policy of low impact tourism, you will not get the feeling of it being crowded. It is true that some people have experienced crowding but this is generally due to the inexperience of their guides or lack of knowledge of the area as it is possible to have the feeling of remoteness. 
The area is huge and experienced guides will keep groups well apart, so as to provide a great safari experience. At a spectacular sighting there may well be a number of vehicles but nothing in comparison to some other parks in Africa.

Safari Tours Passing through Savute

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